Decent baby pressie??

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b2b2010 Posts: 85
Hi Girls I have just found out my sil in expecting!! It's really great news, the first baby on our side. it will be sooo spoiled!!! I want to get them a really decent baby pressie(nearer the time). Maybe the cot or buggy something like that. Should I buy voucher for the place where they pick the baby stuff or should I tell them I want to buy the cot, buggy etc when they pick it. How does this work?? I know these items are a big deal so I could never pick it myself and I dont have a clue about babies so I would'nt know what to look out for. Is there a baby list similar to a wedding list? Thanks
Delish Posts: 4176
I think a mothercare voucher would be perfect. Now that I am pregnant myself I wouldn't necessarily buy clothes for a new baby, there are loads more practical things that are needed, such as moses basket, sheets, blankets, crib, cot and all parafranalia, car seat, sterilisers, breast pump. Of course clothes are lovely too, but maybe get 3-6 months as babies hardly get an opportunity to wear the small ones.
honeybee Posts: 624
A bassinet or cradle might be really nice gift although baby really only gets a couple of months out of it. If you do decide on the cot or buggy ask them to pick it out and you can organise payment. It really does depend on your budget as a buggy can be in the region of upto 700euros or so depending on their preferences, tastes and styles. Another idea maybe there swing/bouncer or something like that. Im sure what ever you decide they will love.
cbtb Posts: 413
I got both my god-daughters solid silver bracelets which their mothers loved as they got so many clothes, blankets etc. Not sure what you could get if it was a boy. HTH
Baby bop Posts: 662
My brothers doing GF for my Babs and he gave me 300 towards the babys Pram, he also asked if he could come with me to pick it, which was really sweet. i was delighted with his gift.
alton Posts: 3077
If you can, just be clear from the start about how much you can afford to spend. Even if you are willing to pay for a top-end model it might be no harm to make your budget clear to the couple so that they don't feel they have to choose a more reasonably priced one. And if you can't afford the full whack, then they can choose the model they want and pay the difference themselves. Vouchers give you control over how much you spend but they aren't the same as a "signiture" gift. Other than the cot and pram, I could only think of - christening gown ( a potential heirloom) paying for the decoration of the nursery booking a cleaner to help out for the first few weeks after birth chest of drawers with changing mat on top high chair subscription to baby yoga classes (if appropriate or something similar)