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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
I was wondering how you are planning on decorating the baby's room, I have seen sets ie curtains, boarder, light shade, cot blankets etc in the same design from mother care or next but they are really expensive :eek So are you doing this or are you choosing say curtains from one store and cot blankets from another..... Also after a couple of years you' have to redecorate in 'big boy/girl' designs so its a bit of a waste spending a fortune on a matching set.... Or maybe there's other places apart from mothercare and next that I just haven't seen?
teenyweeny Posts: 25
hi, It is so easy to co ordinate your nursery without spending a fortune. I had a little girl, so when I did up her room, I used a selection of diffrent shades of pink and purple (I know it sounds really girly) I bought paint in diy store, bought the curtains in dunnes (which had pink, and purple and white) and a bumper set with purple and pink. I got a few photo frames as presents and because I didn't just use one colour they really blended in well. I picked up a toy box (which while expensive for me was worth it because she is only in a box room). When she moved to her big bed, I got a white metal frame bed and a new throw for her bed (which meant I could put what ever colour duvet under it, as I just dressed it with a throw). Everyone comments on her room, it is a real princess room. I also reused her mobiles she had as a baby. she loved the mobiles, so I actually put them on her celing, along with fairy wings she had and a real live safer is a pink fabric shoe holder on the back of her door. It does her shoes, socks, tights, bobbins etc because there is no room for a chest of drawers. As extra decoration on her walls I picked up these lovely wooden love hearts and butterflys 6 in total and stuck them around the room. You don't need to spend a fortune to make a room nice.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
oh wow that sounds so pretty! (I'd love a girl :-8 ) we're not finding out so I guess that makes it harder as we have to stick to neutral colours. Thanks for the ideas though I was thinking those sets from Mothercare were very expensive!
spanish mum Posts: 2468
hi cheer bear bride - we are expecting a boy, but have decorated a rather unisex nursery (ready for next time round aswell ;o) ) we basically have the "fun at the zoo" curtains from mothercare, and the lightshade, and nappy stacker. then for the rest of the decoration - cot bumper, border, rug etc, i got animal themed items that were cheaper than the mothercare ones, but go together beautifully because everything is "zoo animals" and yellow/orange/red/green shades. This way, you can shop in different shops, and still get a co-ordinated room, for cheaper than if you decorated it straight from mothercare! HTH SB :wv
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
You could just wait till after the baby's born to do up the room in pink or blue? The baby will sleep in your room for a few months so there'd be plenty of time. You could just paint the walls white or cream & get neutral curtains from Dunnes or Heatons & then put up your border, lampshade, etc after. It's worth checking out prices in the North as M&P, Mothercare & Next tend to be at least 30% cheaper. We found out we were having a boy at the 20 week scan but still did the room up quite neutral, white walls, Gingerbread theme from M&P but bought it all up North. We'll use it again for the next baby, boy or girl, p(please God) and move DS into a bigger bedroom. HTH x
steen Posts: 1335
I got the please take care of me bear theme in Mothercare and got everything at 50% in Nov but I was in yesterday to get something and its marked as a new range???? Maybe keep an eye out and pick up a set/range on Sale or up the north.
neeov Posts: 4256
babies room is painted in cream already and has blue curtains. I am waiting to see if its a boy or girl before adding decoration. Curtains might have to be swapped for pink ones too. Furniture is all neutral so far. I think neutral decorations look a bit bland for baby, I think they need more interesting things to look at. So the plan is to get some brightly colored things in blue or pink after baby is born. there are great sticker collections available too. I will get some of those in suitable theme once I know boy/girl. If its a boy then its a space theme, if a girl it will be pink. Coordinated sets are really expensive, and a lot of its is for show anyhow, bumpers and cot duvets are not suitable for new baby.
Shorti3 Posts: 404
We didnt find out if we were having a boy or girl so i painted the room yellow and we got the winnie the pooh bumper/blanket/yellow sheets/light and i got a winne the pooh packet of wall stickers from a diy store when we had our little man i got the yellow and blue winnie curtains/mat/night light and then i got two winter pictures of winnie in the snow and i framed them in blue wooden frames to give it a boys look as is said above we will use the room for our next bundle of joy and move DS into bigger room when time comes
delgirl Posts: 1706
We did our sons room up in the theme of The Big Red Bath book. Painted the walls light blue and white, and my sis painted all the main characters on the way in contrasting colours - giraffe over fire place, penguin sitting on top of the door frame, lion over the radiator and a monkey swinging over his cot. The ceiling is a sky them with a rocket as a lamp shade. He has the fun at the zoo cot bed pack but we got these as presents - plain sheets would also match great. Then just a white wardrobe and a tallboy chest. He loves his room and in total cost us about 100 pounds for the paint and sheets. It did help having a sis who can paint :) We hung canvases with his hand and footprints on the wall and as I am a big fan of the hungry caterpillar and beatrix potter we framed an assortment of jigsaws that he got for xmas on the walls until he is old enough to make them for himself. He has some framed pics of himself on the fireplace and tallboy and then just two boxes with his toys - he loves his room and waves goodnight to all the animals and says good morning every morning (My influence :) )
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
thanks for all the ideas-I wont be going spending a fortune of the co-ordinated sets but will get some of them and improvise!