Decorating top table without flowers

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evalena Posts: 1130
I'm not having centrepieces with flowers - have put together my own using candles and other bits and pieces.. Any ideas about what to do about decorating the top table - would pillar candles along the front be ok??
stephyb Posts: 1439
different sized pillar candles all along the front would be gorgeous, have you seen the fairy light swags i think they're nice - but would probably be too much if you had all candles too. I have also seen swarovski garlands they are alot like crystal bouquets but they stretch and spread along the top table - they also have spaces for tea lights - i imagine they would be so twinkly with the candle light - gorgeous! very expansive though! x
evalena Posts: 1130
I knew you'd have some great ideas!!!!! Thanks for that - I was out in ikea last night and they have some great deals on candles. Do you think just candles would be ok...I'm kinda lazy when it comes to stuff like I kidding myself that less is more? Will check out your other suggestions though Thanks :thnk :thnk
mrsm2010 Posts: 464
How about diamante pins that can be stuck into the candles? Would add some sparkle. I got a pack from ebay, really reasonable!
stephyb Posts: 1439
here's an idea of the fairy light swags( though i have seen nicer!) [img:1dweqpo0][/img:1dweqpo0] colour matching fabric swags [img:1dweqpo0][/img:1dweqpo0] ideas on the crystal garlands [img:1dweqpo0][/img:1dweqpo0] [img:1dweqpo0][/img:1dweqpo0] and an idea of all candles which i think would be lovely! [img:1dweqpo0][/img:1dweqpo0][/img]
evalena Posts: 1130
Oh i like the idea of the sparkles on the candles. thank for posting those pics - i really like the last one with the candles.....helps me visualise it... MWAH :lvs :lvs :lvs