Decoration in church - what are you getting?

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi, Just wondering what sort of decorations your getting in church? flowers, chair covers etc?
lou83 Posts: 332
Cant imagine you needing chair covers in Church unless its incredibly bare. Most churchs supply pretty ornate chairs for bride and groom to sit in. Personally I think flowers are ridiculous waste of money so im just gettin a large & 2small arrangements for altar with another 2 tall free standing pieces. Nothing for pew ends or window ledges. Just think i can spend more money on another part of wedding.
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
We're going the whole hog!! Queen Anne chairs, kneelers, pew end holders, red carpet, candles, bay trees!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 Had to change my church from a beautiful gorgeous one to our local church that was built in the 70's and is all concrete!! :eek :eek So I need something to make it better, can't wait to see the red carpet down, it'll be so nice to see our 'local' spruced up a bit!!! :o0 :-8
Jenno Posts: 334
IMO I think flowers are a bit of a waste of money, for an hour or so in the church to spend that amount of money is mental. We are just doing 2 bouquets on the altar, 2 at the entrance and thats it... no pew ends etc. Plain & simple. Our church is quite nice in any case so i dont think it needs to be dressed up. :wv
Twirler Posts: 1644
I'll get some flowers for the church but that's it.
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Our church is really beautiful inside, to be honest i would love to splash out and have it overflowing with beautiful colourful flowers, but its just all so expensive. my mam said she might do an arrangement for the alter, but im not worried if she doesnt, im making paper rose pew ends and thats about it. sure the place will be looking gorgeous with all my beautiful friends and me :yelrotflmaosmilie: heres my pew end...they're not finished though [img:5z2vim8j][/img:5z2vim8j]
she Posts: 3298
minimal flowers and pew ends........not spending a fourtune on the decor sure your only there for an hour....rather give it to the priest....
Muriel09 Posts: 361
Monkeybear your flowers are lovely,they look real.How did u make them?
Gingham Posts: 3014
a few bunches of flowers and thats it...just think its such a watse spending money on decorating the church.
enchanted-bride Posts: 146
Monkey bear I love the flowers, must have taken you ages but they look fantastic. I wish I was able to do stuff like that :lvs