delay on my dress, benjamin roberts 930, what now????

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mia82 Posts: 37
Hi all, in a real panic, getting married in 6 weeks, rang the shop today about my dress and was informed that there was a delay in getting in this dress as it was so popular and how i should have known about the delay???? So furious, so I asked what date it was expected in etc.. The girl told me she THINKS it's in around end of august. I asked her to get me an exact date but she said "its the other girl" who looks after that. So I am now waiting on this other person to ring the agent and find out when my dress is due in. Is anybody else experiencing any problems with this dress or any dress?? So worried incase its not in on time! Should I keep hassling the shop or what do you think I should do?
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
I would definitely keep on top of them. No need to be rude or anything but you need to put your foot down with a firm hand and make sure you know whats going on. Im sure you've dished out good money you have every right to know exactly whats going on!
dumdidum Posts: 105
hey if your really stuck but set on this dress, i see one posted on gumtree for sale.... could be worth a look just google, benjamin roberts 930 hope everything works out for you
mia82 Posts: 37
an idea alright, but I want my own new one, I am sure you will understand. Never the less I will suss this one out, so thanks!
deda Posts: 1220
How far in advance did you order it? If you ordered it in plenty if time then it's the shop fault. So what if the dress is popular that is completely irrelevant. I would demand to know the exact date that the dress is in and give them a piece of your mind for trying to blame you!!!
mia82 Posts: 37
I ordered it 16th feb and was told back then it was plenty of time. Got a phone call this morning saying it was in england and be shipped here by end of next week!! PHEW!!!! never the less I will be keeping a close eye on them
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
Glad to hear you got sorted! Keep on top of them until you actually see ur dress in the shop! :o)ll