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lucyloo32 Posts: 957
bangel Posts: 2285
If you find some please let me know! I would love ones like it. Maybe not with straps, but they can always be removed or added. I have soon some Alfred Angelo dresses that are nice, in the grape colour, and I'm sure you could always order a little extra material to make the straps. Also I was told coast had some lovely purple dresses in stock. [img:2amqiww7][/img:2amqiww7]
daisybabe Posts: 767
These are mine, my BM's just tried them on and they are fab, the pic really doesn't do them justice, The colour in the pic doesn't even look like the proper colour, its a really deep purple, but kinda with a two tone effect IKNWIM You'd prob have to see them :wv
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
Hi daisybabe, they are really nice, probably a little more 'fussy' than i was looking for. I like the coast dress bangel posted up, i was actually on the coast website last night and saw it only a few seconds earlier...
mollyeile Posts: 2486
- is it something the dress on the bottom left you are looking for - it is available in light purple and aubergine
Quinn2be2010 Posts: 205
My friend is getting married in Dec and she got our dresses in the walk in wardrobe in Bandon. They have a huge selection and they all come in 100's of colours.
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
Monsoon have fabs one too - Im going with purple too and I a bit worried the whole wedding will be covered with it! So Im getting bm dresses made..
MyDreamWedding1 Posts: 1281
Bangel that dress is fab, I would definatly wear that again if I was your BM. I would try Debenhams, they normally have that colour in stock.
Twirler Posts: 1644
These are mine, not in the purple colour though [img:ju2g7jxd],10,58&sharpen=1[/img:ju2g7jxd]
HamletBride Posts: 376
Classy Lass in Clane are having a sale at the mo and they had what tpye of dress you described in the window on display this week.