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greenfields Posts: 158
Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
Hi footprints, congratulations on the BFP, I'm only about a week ahead of you but going through the same thing. My sis is a midwife so I have been quizzing her on everything - apparently both are normal enough, the pains are the uterus stretching and are more noticable on first pregnancies apparently and the brown stuff can be old blood from implantation being expelled with the stretching...often they dont really know what causes that though and just advise to monitor it and if its just light and brown its not a cause for concern,...I'd love to hear from others ladies further along for some more reassurance too though, its a very stressful time at the moment!
Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
Oh, a taste in your mouth and extra thirst is also normal
greenfields Posts: 158
Thanks for the reply Braut and Congrats to you too! I am so afraid to get excited til I get 1st scan done, ttc was very stressful but I'm finding this nearly as bad, the worrying never stops, well for me anyhow :o0
Its Me Posts: 1788
Congrats on your bfp :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll It all sounds normal to me. I'm still drinking water by the gallon :o0 Its a weird kinda thirst tho sometimes it just feels like nothing will cure it
pollyos Posts: 107
Hi footprints I hear you on the stress front, I have been the same. The cramping is doing my head in, I had a m/c 3 years ago and am terrified. It must be a relief to have a mid wife in the family to ask q's though! I decided today not to focus on the negatives anymore ie 1 in 4 pregnancies end in m/c but instead to focus on the fact that 3 out of 4 don't!! Odds are in our favour, I know it seems like common sense but I feel so much better for it. Since I started to think that way I have actually felt happy about the pregnancy for the first time, I have been so stressed out!! Everybody I speak to says that cramps are normal as is brown spotting - when I had my m/c the cramps were horrendous and sorry if tmi but the blood was bright red. I would take the thirst as a good sign. Hope some of this helps :lvs :lvs
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
Hey Girls Just wanted to let ye know that cramps and brown spotting is completely normal. I had both at the very start and even had spotting of red blood and all turned out ok. As op said cramps are so normal but boy do the worry you! They are from uterus stretching but feel exactly like af is starting ..I cant tell you the amout of times I went to loo thinking she had arrived but thankfully not.I still get them now but thats becuase my uterus is still stretching to accomodate two babies :o0 Spotting can be from implantation , can be old blood or from a number of different reason so unless its bright red and soaking through a pad its not really anything to worry about. Best of luck over next few months girls :xxx
greenfields Posts: 158
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Footprints, hope your doing OK. I don't think you GP is being much help to you. Mine told me that brown spotting like what you might get at the beginning or end of a period is normal and nothing to worry about. Pink-ish watery discharge.... May not be good. Bright red blood means you need to go to the doctor..... Hospital if it is accompanied by cramping. By the sound of things you have nothing to worry about.
greenfields Posts: 158
Delphinium, thanks so much for your reply, I was in a right state yesterday, am feeling a bit calmer today, going to take it very easy for weekend, just chill out. Hopefully I'll get good results next week but it does sound like its fairly common. Its just after having been through so many tests and IUI I think I'd crack up if this didn't work out. but have to just stay positive. :thnk