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DillieDallie Posts: 423
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
I posted this on another thread aswell, I use dermalogica but you need to get a face mapping done to decide which products suit your skin. Face Mapping is done in any dermalogica salon (think it can be done for free if you are buying products?) and is done by a qualified person. Dermalogica products are guaranteed when prescribed by a qualified rep. No one here can recommend what products you should use as it depends on your skin. Myself and my sister use different cleaners, moisturisers and exfoliants cos we have such different skin. I really wouldn’t waste money buying these products without getting a professional opinion. If you do decide to go with dermalogica I use the website for buying my products as they are genuine and about 20% cheaper than buying in salon. The initial outlay is expensive but the products last for months for example my mosturiser is about €36 on that website (€50 in shops) and lasts about 7 months. To answer your original question I have dry skin and use: Special Cleansing Gel Multi Active Toner Daily Microexfoliant (only use it twice a week) Skin Smoothing Cream I had bad skin when I was younger but I rarely get breakouts now. just came off the pill for a break and have gotten only 2 spots in the last 6 weeks so delighted as I was prepared for a complete outbreak!
Twirl Posts: 5598
Hi Fairlylively, i agree with what morningsun said. My aunt prescibed what suited me and i just get that stuff everytime. There are some other nice bits though that dont need to be especially for you like that bath salts, body lotion, shower gel, handcream etc.
samcro Posts: 738
I also use both Clinique and Dermalogica for difference reasons. I find Clinique is great for me for cleansing as I (still :-8 ) have spot prone oily skin and I find Demalogica better for moisturising.. But yea facemapping is kinda a must for their products...
DillieDallie Posts: 423
Thanks so much Ladies, never heard of face mapping! Have booked in for session for lunchtime :thnk
Chillaxed Posts: 583
I use these all the time ultra calming cleanser skin smoothing cream power recovery masque(i think this is what it is called) Have other body lotions and things but can't think of the names now. I have very sensitive skin and find dermalogica great. I did try to use other products but had bad reactions so just stay with dermalogica. I always buy it online as is a lot cheaper.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I'd definitely recommend you to go your local salon and get the Dermalogica Face mapping done, as everyone has different skin types and what could suit a wollie here might not suit you...
Bunnybun Posts: 573
I am a clinique junkie - I use the following (not altogether of course) [b:2jpwmzv3]Take the day off make up remover[/b:2jpwmzv3] (for eyes & lips) [b:2jpwmzv3]Rinse off foaming cleanser [/b:2jpwmzv3]- love it gets off all make up and leaves skin really clean feeling [b:2jpwmzv3]Dramatically different mositurising lotion[/b:2jpwmzv3] (gets a bad rap but is fab under one of the following for Day): [b:2jpwmzv3]Youth surge moisturiser [/b:2jpwmzv3](New to this and really liking it) SPF 15 [b:2jpwmzv3]Superdefense moisturiser [/b:2jpwmzv3]SPF 25 At night i use the [b:2jpwmzv3]Dramatically different mositurising lotion [/b:2jpwmzv3]under one of these: [b:2jpwmzv3]Turnaround overnight radiance cream[/b:2jpwmzv3] or[b:2jpwmzv3] Super rescue antioxidant night moisturiser [/b:2jpwmzv3] [b:2jpwmzv3]All about eyes[/b:2jpwmzv3] - on me peepers Sporadically also use [b:2jpwmzv3]moisture surge moisturiser [/b:2jpwmzv3](nice when hungover) 7 day scrub and the clarifying lotion Phew - Product Junkie - MOI????
merrymumof3 Posts: 562
+ 1 on the Superdefense moisturiser, its brill!!!!
DillieDallie Posts: 423
Hi Ladies Thanks so much again for all your advice, just back from my face mapping session which I would definitely recommend! It lasted about half an hour and I learned loads from it. They offer about 6/7 different cleaners/ toners/ moisturisers :eek so it makes sense that what suits others may not suit me! I never knew their range was so vast! Now to give H2B my Christmas list :o0 Thanks again! x