Deli sandwiches

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broodynewlywed Posts: 164
I am DYING for something junky for lunch - I always bring brown bread or bagels for lunch with me, but today I want a big white hot chicken roll from the deli in SuperValu! Anyone know if deli sandwiches are ok? I worked in a deli once and know a few horror stories about meat etc, but I;m so DYING for it!
broodynewlywed Posts: 164
Ooh, also whats the story with coleslaw? To eat or not to eat?
Emme Posts: 4735
Have eaten one every single day (with mayonaise, sometimes with coleslaw) since I've been pregnant. Once the place is clean I'm very happy to eat there. The way I look at it is they're regulated and inspected, my kitchen isn't!! Same goes for takeaway food.
Doyled Posts: 20
I was worried about eating meats from delis and about coleslaw too but I think most of the delis use a mayonnaise which is pastuerised so as far as i know you only have to stay away from real authentic mayonnaise which would have raw eggs in it... As for the hot chicken I don't know - even pre pregnancy I would be wary of eating anything that is cooked, then cooled and the cooked again from deli..
angel3 Posts: 1572
I agree Emme :o)ll
poppy1 Posts: 596
if you know the food is safe and you have never gotten bad food from there before then go for it, its only homemade mayo you have to stay away from
broodynewlywed Posts: 164
Ok, I've done it now so no turning back - it was gorgeous! Hot chicken baguette with coleslaw - yum, yum! Can I just clear up? So am I ok to eat coleslaw once its pasteurised? I thought it was a no-no altogether?
Milis in disguise Posts: 727
Coleslaw's fine once it is pasteurised, or rather the mayo that goes into it is! I think there are lots of things put on a nono list for handiness incase people don't listen to the full advice!