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Annster Posts: 50
Tell Your wife that the wedding wasn't ruined although it's hard to believe now. My venue was a disaster and my band only played half a set because of it luckily (electricity went) like you I had a DJ booked who managed to set up in a different area. I was heartbroken and distraught but now over three months on I can look back and laugh. (Kinda) I know it's upsetting but most of your guests probably didn't even see a difference between the band and DJ and still had the Craic. I feel for you both but it's just one day? And only a part of that day. I admit I couldn't hear that for weeks and weeks so read this again in 3 months!
MrBest Posts: 3
It seems one member of the band has a habit of messing people about - have a look a a FB review I saw on Thomas Brunkard's other business Mods & Rockers: "I did a contract for Mods and Rockers. They paid me only half of the agreed amount of money. Kept promising me to solve the issue soon, then eventually started to ignore me. Very unprofessional. I finished sending a request to the debt collectors."
CasualBride Posts: 574 ... 65961.html You'd think that if they really felt that they needed to protect their reputation, they'd explain their absence to the general public rather than saying that it's between them and the client.. it doesn't really instil confidence!!