Dental Benefit

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itwillbeme Posts: 838
Hi girls, im just wondering if the dental benefit is still applicable? I norm go to my dentist and pay about €20.00, the rest they claim for me on my tax? Does anyone know if this was abolished? Have to go to dentist nxt week and dont have much money this month O:| , part of my tooth broke last night so i guess its a filling or extraction :o( I dont have a medical card. Thanks :wv
MadlyInLove Posts: 529
unfortunately in the dec 09 budget prsi contributions no longer entitle you to dental benefit. the only cover is once a yr for an examination. im almost sure of this but could b wrong. check with the dentist secretary. major dose. dental work is so expensive. i know i need to go but have been putting it off for a good few ive even more reason to put it off. hope this helps x
itwillbeme Posts: 838
Thanks madly in love for your reply... i knew there was something about dental in the budget... O:| I thought optical benefit was affected as well, however i got my refund cq after claiming for eye test end of Jan. I must go onto revenue/citizens advice and have a look Thanks