Dental work when pg

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OrangeWine Posts: 100
Hi Girls, A filing fell off my front tooth just now :ooh Morto :-8 Will have to go to VHI Dental after work as my own dentist closes at 5 Can I get work done when pg?
Black Velvet Posts: 130
Yep but you should tell them you are pregnant because there's an anesthetic that starts contractions and you don't want that :o0 Besides that the only thing they can't/ don't like to do is X-rays but they should be able to repair an existing filling no problem.
OrangeWine Posts: 100
Thanks a mill. It's the end of my front tooth so they don't need to dig deep into the gum so I hope this means I won't need an injection. Just lob a bit of filler on :o0 I'm trying to talk with my mouth shut, I'm like a ventriloquist :o0 :o0
gopro Posts: 1801
my teeth were in bits when I was pregnant wit DD I ended up at VHI dental 4 times they were brilliant
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
Same thing happened me. Front filling feel out. When I went to the dentist there was actually a big sign on the wall saying to let dentist know if you are pregnant, which I had never seen before He used a special anastectic. It didn't work that well though, I could feel what he was doing. I thought maybe it was the anastectic but he said after that it should have worked the same as the normal one so make sure it works for you before they go near your mouth!