Dentist Phobia

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ElizaLou Posts: 126
I have a horrendous phobia of the dentist. Haven't been in nearly 4 yrs :oops: . Naturally i want my gnashers to be pearly white on the big day...but this will involve a trip to the dentist. The problem is I know i need lots of fillings etc....I want to go and sort this out, but i'm not exagerating when I say the fear is all consuming. My teeth aren't exactly rotting in my head, but they're not sparkling either. Please Help. :cry:
smittenkitten Posts: 116
You poor thing, I'm not exactly enamoured with the thoughts of a trip to the dentist but can get through it. Is your dentist understanding? Ask around to find a nice and good one and you'll be somewhat more relaxed then. Bach Rescue Remedy is pretty good to calm nerves but if you're this worked up just at the thoughts of going I'd say it to your doctor and get something to calm you down for the appointment. If you're unduly anxious you feel more pain anyway but a relaxant will help to keep you at ease. HTH
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
Elizalou, I have the exact same problem. I hadn't been to the dentist in 7 years, but when I got engaged in December I promised myself I would go. I decided not to go back to my old dentist as I think this was part of the phobia (she wasn't very nice) and instead went to a new dentist. I had the fillings done in 2 appointments in March and have to say it all went well. The dentist was really reassuring and there was none of the pain I had experienced with the other dentist. I embarrassingly told him I had a phobia and he did everything he could to help me. I feel so much better now I've been, its such a relief. I would force yourself to make an appointment and just go, it will be worth it!
ElizaLou Posts: 126
Thanks girls...very encouraging and helpful. Will let ye know :lol:
Shell Bell Posts: 357
Was never a big fan of the dentist till I changed to the guy I go to now. I would agree with smittenkitten and ask around at work or wherever and find a good one. My guy was recommended to me and now I don't mind going to him at all. When you go and get everything sorted out you can go back to the hygeinst just before the wedding and get your teeth polished and have a lovely sparkly smile on your big day :mrgreen:
ElizaLou Posts: 126
Shellbell, I noticed that your from the city of the too. Could you recommend your dentist to me???
Shell Bell Posts: 357
Sorry I took so long to come back to dentist is Dr Cuddy, his office is on Bridge Street and his number is 091 533533. There are a few dentists working in the practice but I've only ever gone to him and he's lovely. They have a hygenist there as well, Sally, I don't think she is there all the time but they can schedule an appointment for the two of them one after the other (that's what they do for me) Good luck and don't worry, you're in good hands with him.
ElizaLou Posts: 126
Thanks for that shellbell. Think I'll give him a ring :lol:
pluppy Posts: 3519
my dentist give me a walkman to listen to the radio or music and i have to say it helps
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
oh god. even thinking about the dentist makes me reach for the rescue remedy. I'm thankfully blessed with good teeth and have never needed a filling. Going the week of the wedding to have them polished but i'l be in tears before I get into the chair. i'm alright in the waiting room but as soon as I step into the dentist room I start shaking. I don' t know why, she's really lovely and i've been going every 6 months to her for 3 years but i'm still absolutely terrified :shock: