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bonita Posts: 1678
DH went to dentist in agony last week & was told he needed a tooth out & 2 fillings - The dentist couldnt do it there and then for some reason so he was given an apt to come back 3 weeks !!!!!!!!! Now its been a week and hes in bits he couldnt continue to pop the painkillers for another 2 weeks there not working as it is. Weve rang the receptionist (wagon) who but they cant fit him in sooner. Anybody know of a surgery you can just go along to like the VHI clinic or something (dont think they have dentist there) or even recomend a good dentist. Thanks.
marianf Posts: 5845
TBH I think thats the case with all good dentists. He might be lucky and get a cancellation. Maybe he should go to the doc and get different pain killers. Some drugs just dont work for some people. Cordysol mouthwash which you can get in any chemist is also very good. It wont get rid of the pain but it will certainly help.
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Where abouts are you based? I know that there is an emergency dental clinic in Finglas you should be able to find it in the phone book. Also if you are based in Dublin, have a look in the golden pages there is a good few who advertise for emergencies. Hope this helps :wv
bonita Posts: 1678
Thanks :thnk Were in south dublin but Id say hed go to finglas hes in bits!
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Did you have any luck finding it? It should be in the golden pages under dentists. Have a look first tho there might be some that accept emergencies on the south side. Hope hes ok, there is nothing worse than a tooth ache. I know all to well :o(
willthiswork Posts: 1995
Getting a tooth out and 2 fillings could take about 45 mins. Most check ups are only scheduled for about 15 mins. If the dentist did it there and then they would end up being behind schedule for the rest of the day. I can recommend a good dentist in Tramore for you!!