dentist when pg

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flippersmrs Posts: 660
does anyone know if its ok to go to the dentist when pregnant??? i have terrible pain and not sure what to do. thanks :thnk
sunnydee3 Posts: 13
Hi flippersmrs, I had to get a filling when I was 13 weeks pregnant (SIL is a dental nurse so confirmed it was ok with her first) she and the dentist confirmed its fine after 12 weeks apparently the anesthetic they use is a very low does and does cross over to the baby - but to get a while filling (if necessary) and avoid xrays.
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
they actually recommend to go to the dentist when pregnant. at least one or 2 check ups. gums become inflamed with all the extra blood in body and can bleed easier. its free in uk until baby is one. have heard bout getting the white fillings too. nothing as bad as toothache! (we'll come back to that one post-labour!!)