Dentist while pregnant?

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Hearts07 Posts: 540
Does anyone know if you can get a filling while pregnant? I was eating a toffee and its taken out part of my filling. I've a big gap now in one of my teeth which feels really weird!
dreamer Posts: 3941
I believe you can. Just make sure they know you are pregnant for x-rays etc.
Florrie06 Posts: 316
Same thing happened to me while I was pregnant and I know the horrible feeling of having a gaping hole in your mouth I went to the Dentist and they gave me a temporary filling and was told to come back when babs arrived (which I have yet to do :-8 )
Tess72 Posts: 1173
Yeah I went for a checkup and I was about 5 mths pregnant. Thought he couldn't do anything like a filling but I was wrong and I needed a huge filling so he did it there and then. I was so annoyed. I think there's not much you can't get done at the dentist when you're pregnant, maybe just xrays.