Dentist While Pregnant

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OAT Posts: 2207
Have anyone else's teeth gone really bad during pregnancy, my whole mouth is in agony and I've suddenly got a huge big hole in one tooth. I'm sooooooo afraid of going to the dentist but can't live with the pain for much longer either but will the dentist be able to do anything while I'm pregnant?
justwed09 Posts: 2349
hi oat, sorry you dont feel well with your teeth. i went to the dentist when i was about 8 weeks gone as my mouth was in agony, he said pregnancy hormones were pushing my teeth up and to start using sensodyne toothpaste. from about 2 days of using it the pain went away, it really really helped. the sensodyne helps seal your gums. i had to go back 3 weeks ago as i broke my tooth, again he said pregnancy weakened my tooth, he put temporary filling in it, couldnt take a x ray but filled it. the filling fell out a week later so he used a stronger one. he said it was all pregnancy related. dont be in pain, go about it and they will help you. best of luck :wv
OAT Posts: 2207
Thanks Justwed first thing 2moro I'm changing my toothpaste :) also going to make an appt with dentist. Was it sore getting the filling? I've never had one before
justwed09 Posts: 2349
only sore thing was the injection and it only lasted about 10 seconds. you go numb in your mouth for a couple of hours so you cant feel a thing, even when it wears off its not a bit sore. im a big babyb when it comes to injections, i get so nervous but its fine as it only lasts a few minutes. you'll be fine.
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Hi OAT yes the dentist can do a filling for you when pg...unfortunately I've been 3 times in the last few weeks cause I have a tooth playing up big time :o( Pregnancy is not being kind to my teeth :weep He will be able to give you a local anaesthetic so shouldn't hurt too much at the time and you can take paracetamol afterwards if you need to for pain. Make sure the dentist knows you are pregnant as they can't x-ray.
Arta1 Posts: 276
I always have terrible trouble with my teeth in pregnancy. I lost a tooth on my first pregnancy, lost two fillings on my second, and ended up in an emergency dentist at christmas on this pregnancy to get another tooth pulled. No more babies for me or else ill end up gummy :) I was concered about getting the anastethic (sp) but the dentist said in some situations you dont have a choice and you cant suffer for the whole pregnancy. Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon :wv .
curliwurli Posts: 3369
oh you are all freaking me out now, i have braces that are due to come off in march or april and i am worried they are gonna go all weird now with my teeth pushing up or getting holes in them :o(
maryalice1 Posts: 268
Hiya I also had trouble with my teeth. On last appointment Dentist was concerned as my gums were in a terrible state. Urged me to spend at least 5 mins cleaning my teeth and if they bled to keep brushing through . Thankfully they don;t seem to be as red and swollen but will no more when visit the dentist next week. :compress
heartshaped Posts: 148
Oh god - I didn't realise this was a pregnancy symptom! I wish I hadn't read this now! Hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones and lots of sympathy for anyone who needs dentist attention - yuk yuk yuk. Good luck OAT *)
hils138 Posts: 680
I have just been to the dentist and she said the most important thing is to clean your teeth properly and to floss. Pregnancy can cause the gums to bleed so it is important to maintain their health.