Dentist while pregnant

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MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Hi, Im 26 weeks and have a tooth ache, whats the story with an injection if i need a filling is it safe?
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
You should be fine. Had dental work done during pregnancy. Dentists will have their own guidelines and recommendations. X-rays and root canal work generally not advisable but most other jobs are OK as far as I know.
twoboys Posts: 320
Talk to your dentist - if the tooth has the 'old style' mercury fillings they sometimes prefer to leave it alone rather than risk the mercury entering your bloodstream. Hope you feel better soon! Tracy
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
I had to get a filling 2 weeks ago as one fell out. When I rang up to make the appointment, I told the receptionist that I was pregnant. She said to make sure that I tell the dentist, she actually said it again at the end of the conversation. When I went into the surgery, there was actually a big sign saying tell your dentist if you are pregnant. He asked me how far I was gone, when was my last doctors appointment, how was the pregnancy going etc The one thing though was he gave me a different anastectic than normal, there was something less in it, that's usually in anastectic, can't remember what it was, and even though it numbed my mouth, I could still feel a lot of pain during the work. He said that shouldn't have happened, so don't know was it just me Usually after the dentist, I am numb for hours after, this time, 1 hour later numbness was completely gone, so I'm guessing it was a very light anastectic
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
[quote="twoboys":1ttjg315]Talk to your dentist - if the tooth has the 'old style' mercury fillings they sometimes prefer to leave it alone rather than risk the mercury entering your bloodstream. Hope you feel better soon! Tracy[/quote:1ttjg315] I had 2 white fillings in the last few weeks & dentist reassured me that it was totally safe. Your dentist is not in any going to do anything that will put you in danger. HTH :wv
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
thanks girls, its still niggling me away today and I have such sensitive teeth Id need a strong anastetic! agh! I have old mercury fillings too so thats a bit of a worry. I will ring them in the morning and ask their advice, does anyone know if I can use bonjella or medi gel in the meantime? thanks
MiniJ Posts: 118
Just thought I'd add my tuppence worth... I had to have the first part of root canal treatment a few weeks ago. I had an X-ray as the dentist needed it to diagnose the problem. While this isn't ideal you wear a special vest to cover you and if you had a broken leg you'd need an X-ray too-that was my logic. There is nothing more painful than dental pain and when all we can take is paracetamol it's like taking smarties. Us Mummies need to mind ourselves too. The dentist could only do the first part of my root canal as the procedure is quite invasive... The only problem was that the anaesthetic didn't take fully and wore off mid way through so I had to get more. This has never happened me before. After the procedure the numbness went down much more quickly too.
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
There is no probs getting an local anaesthetic when your pregnant, the reason you need to tell the dentist is so they don't xray you. I had a filling done 9 weeks ago, anaesthetic was exactly as I'd had previously. I looked up bonjela for you and came back with this. [b:3b2gquft]4.6 Pregnancy and lactation There is clinical evidence of the safety of salicylates in pregnancy, but they may prolong bleeding and contribute to maternal and neonatal bleeding, and are best avoided at term. Salicylates are excreted at low concentrations in breast milk, and may adversely affect the infant in very rare cases.[/b:3b2gquft] If you are not taking any other medications bonjela should be fine to take, if you are taking other medications pm and I'll check it out for Mrs Positive. The only prob I can see for you going to the dentist, is them finding it difficult to diagnose the cause of the toothache without doing an x ray. Its entirely up to you to have an xray, and according to the Mayo clinic, (one of the top research facilities in the world) it is safe to have an xray, ( ... cy/AN02058) provided you wear one of the special vests over your bump. Xrays are very localised, and your mouth couldn't get any further away from your uterus. Hope thats not an information overload for you!!
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
awh thank you sweetbubbles you're so good to go to all that trouble researching for me! Im not taking any other medication so I guess bonjella in moderation would be ok?
ladymacbeth Posts: 713
After slot of surfing n reading the general consensus is it's better to have work done than end up with infection or an abcess . Gums can hypertrophy in pregnancy cos of hormones n growth factors in the blood leading to extra cuffs of gum n more trapping of debris n tartar so cleaning n flossing is even more important .