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candypants Posts: 8575
Hi girls, Im at my wits end at this stage with ttc, im of the depo (injection) nearly 2 years now and still no joy. Has anyone else been on this and how long has it taken to concieve after coming off it. Im getting really fed up now with it. Hope one of you can please help me out :o( I also posted in ttc, but maybe one of you on here was in my position and now pregnant. Thanks so much :thnk
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
Hey Big Chatterbox, I was on depo for a couple of years, never ever again and I would never recommend it to anyone either - but onto what you actually asked! I came off it in Aug 07 and got bfp in Nov 08 so although we weren't actively trying until Mar 08 you could say it took 15 mths approx to get out of my system, but 8 mths to get pg from when we started ttc. Hope that makes sense! I'm not sure if you're temping yet, but I did this and found it invaluable, I always thought I ovulated at a certain time but the temping showed I was off the mark! Maybe this would help you a bit if you're not doing it already. Hope some of this helps you a bit, good luck and I hope you get a bfp very soon, I really do believe that unfortunately the depo takes a long time to come out of your system, but I don't think it should be any longer than 2 yrs *)
sept09baby Posts: 1094
I loved the depo - my big mistake was switching to implanon which really messed me around. My GP recommended going on to the patches for a couple of months to regulate things and it worked wonders. I was really irregular - would bleed for 8 weeks, nothing for 6 weeks etc Was on the patches for 3 months and got back to every 28 days straight away. Came off the patches but not really trying. Was just going to wait til everything settled down but got my bfp after the first time we dtd Would you consider a couple of months of the pill/patches if an irregular cycle is your problem?
candypants Posts: 8575
My cycle is back to normal the last 4 months, get periods now every 28 days, would this make a difference to weither the depo is out of my system or not? Im off it nearly 2 years but also only ttc about 7/8 months. Im not sure what temping is? i dont really post in here as i kinda believed what will be will be, but im getting very aggitated about the whole thing as dd is 4 now and didnt want that big gap between them :o( and she keeps asking how long more does she have to wait for a bro/sis :o( OP how long where you off the depo before getting pregnant? Sorry for all the questions. Im gonna go the doc this week but thought id try my luck in here first. *)
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
My cycles took a long time to get back to a "normal" timeframe, I actually had to take something GP prescribed (has completely slipped my mind what it was) to get them back as they hadn't returned after 6 mths off the injection.. So it's good that you have a normal cycle, but temping will just show if you are ovulating and when it happens. A blood test will also show this but most gp's won't see you until you are ttc at least 12 mths. So with temping, you need to get a digital thermometer, and take your temp at the same time every morning, you can record them on a site called "fertility friend". Theres a whole post on temping and fertility friend on ttc, the girls there are lovely and would happily answer any q's you have and give you great support if you do start temping. I just forget a lot of the details as it's been a while! Hope that answers your q.