deposit for venues????

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csinut Posts: 88
hi guys, I am totally in the dark about all this stuff but what is the norm for deposits and how long a venue will hold a date without a deposit??? I want to checking out my date in different places but with money a bit tight at the long would places generally how a date without one??? thanks! :o)ll
Linda H Posts: 1151
Hi csinut, The hotel held it for us for 2 weeks, then we paid €800 deposit. Hope this helps :wv
lynr25 Posts: 99
Everywhere we looked at would hold it for 2 weeks and they all wanted a 1000 deposit. Good luck :wv
bubblyblonde Posts: 1353
Our hotel held it for 1 week and we had to pay €2000 deposit and another €2000 6 months before wedding :eek
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
Ours said they'd hold it for 10 days before releasing the date.We paid a deposit of €1000
August08bride Posts: 139
Ours held it for 2 weeks - we then had to pay €1,700 deposit and a further €1,000 9 months before the wedding
loupielou Posts: 31
Our hotel held it for three weeks then we paid a deposit of €1000
Mum of one Posts: 304
Ours held our date for a week and then we paid 500 euro deposit. We have to pay another 500 6 mths before the wedding and looking at my ticker now that's next week,great another thing to add to list !
Sunnyshine Posts: 753
If you want to pay the deposit but think there's a chance you might change your mind afterwards, make sure you read the contract thoroughly. I speak from experience...
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv Our hotel looked for €1000 deposit, but i don't know how long they would have provisionally held the date for us, as the minute i walked into the hotel, we knew it was the one, so when they confirmed the date for us, we went straight up to put down the deposit :lvs :lvs ..