Deposit paid - too late to haggle?

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angelfish09 Posts: 12
I can't believe it, I went dress shopping today and found 'the one'. Fabulous dress and price was less than I had budgeted for in my budget tracker. So far so great. Was so delighted to finally have found it I ordered it there and then, got measured and paid my deposit (half the total cost). But in all the excitement I never even asked for a discount or tried to haggle on the price because I couldn't believe the one I loved was actually cheaper than I had expected! Am so annoyed with myself now though because I reckon I probably could have got more off it if I'd asked! But something came over me, I couldn't think straight! Do you think its too late to look for a discount off the remainder now? Has anyone haggled after they paid their deposit? This wedding is turning my brain to mush, I never usually make rash decisions and now I know why!
midnightqueen Posts: 582
Hi angelfish09 I dont really know if its too late to haggle, but if you are getting a veil or shoes or Even accessories in the shop you could ask if she will do a deal with you or even throw them in for free! >:o) Sure it might even be worth a try just asking if she will give you anything off the dress, Sure what have you to loose!!!! O:o)
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Not sure either, but agree with princessmc. Always try! You've nothing to lose. You could try getting a deal on accessories or you could try for free alterations if you need them and they do them. Good luck.