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shivvers Posts: 8
Hi I 've just seen there is a Designer Bridal Sale in Limerick on Nov 18/19. The web site says over 200 dresses available to buy - all the info at . Has anyone been to one of these before ? Looks like there are some good deals - but you've got to make a quick decision to buy I suppose. Thanks for any advice.
emeralsd Posts: 470
Hi I have just seen the advert too and was thinking about going aswell. Let me know if u get any info about it. Hvae to say it sounds good :wv Ps- am new to this website, just joined today
shivvers Posts: 8
Hi Emeralds, just checked their web site's 9am to 6pm each day. I'm going to make sure to go on Saturday. Good Luck if you go too. Hope you find what you're looking for.
lisa Posts: 1612
I went up to the green isle hotel in dublin for one of these. It seemed to be mainly the samples or ones they couldnt sell!! There was one or too nice dresses but not one in my size (tiny size 8)... Remember feeling totally gutted as it was the first time I had gone looking at dresses. All i can say is it might be worth a look but dont set your heart on finding "the one" there! oh and get there early!
byrneniamh Posts: 1
Hi, I was at the Green Isle too, with my friend in the summer. She found her dress for €1000 reduced from €2200!! It was an English designer but can’t remember the name but it was a real bargain. It was spotless so was hardly tried on. She was delighted. There were a lot of dresses there and all looked like they were really nice. I am going down to the sale in Limerick for myself this time. Hope I am so lucky.
eoghan Posts: 1
Is anyone looking at la sposa dresses and also know where i can get them?
angelika Posts: 267
Go to the website [url:hl1lubck][/url:hl1lubck] and click on "Where to buy"
shivvers Posts: 8
Anyone been to one of these events before - I'm thinking of coming up from Waterford - is it worth it ???
pinkpanter Posts: 191
hi im thinking of going too im travelling from westmeath i hope i find sumthing i like. im getting married nxt october but id like to have it got and done with after that i can relax everything else will fall into place. well then ive 3 bridesmaids and two flower girls but not panicked about them. so fingers crossed we will all find our dream dress....