Desiree Hair/makeup - yay or nay?

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Delen Posts: 41
Hey there I have a hair trial booked with Desiree and so far so good but after doing a bit of wol research the feedback on her is so mixed? :eek I have had a good experience with her so far - she has been very flexible about the trial date etc.. and if the trial goes well I would like to book her but when I read through some other posts I started to get worried!! Is there anyone who has used her (for hair ideally as I have my make up artist booked already) give me their honest opinion? I would die if she let me down on the day - well maybe not die but I would be really dissapointed! Thanks! ! :wv
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
I used her and she was brilliant. Make up excellent etc. Had booked a friend to do my hair so didn't ask this of her but my hair went straight and she redid it for me on the day something she didn't need to do. Such a nice lady. She sat on the curb outside my house to help me into car with my dress etc.
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
I could not recommend her more, she's amazing. I had a trial with her a couple of weeks prior to the wedding and she tried out so many different styles at my request without complaining. The on the big day she turned up on time, and done my hair and make-up. Hair lasted all day and night and so did make up. She also helped me into the car in my dress. One other thing that she done which was well above and beyond her duty was to calm me down when everyone around me was panicking over some or other and stressing me out. She's amazing at both the hair and make-up and extremly pleasent to deal with.
busker Posts: 65
Anyone know what make up she uses?
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
Bobbi Brown & Mac
Delen Posts: 41
girls thanks so much my mind is at ease now and I am super excited about the trial!!
MrsChuffed Posts: 872
I have her booked to do my wedding in a couple of weeks. I read the thread they are talking about and panicked, but she was wonderful at my hair trial. I will call the week of the wedding to confirm they time but plan on trusting her.
dotie Posts: 59
Hi Delen I recently had my hair and make up trial with Desire i found her fantastic, as with yourself i had heard mixed things with her but i decided to give her a go and i can honestly say i was not disappointed. In regards to mollies reply i dont know what the story is with that but i posted my deposit to her address so there was no problem that way. Also with the other stories regarding the other bride and her not turning up etc the only stories i have heard is she didnt come but send someone else in her place.. if thats not true then fair enough but no matter who you get you will always have people that have had good and bad experiences with them. Anyway relax and enjoy the preparations D :wv