Desperately seeking Dessy 2796

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Topsecretbride Posts: 147
Apologies in advance if I shouldnt do this but I have this is Vendors and suppliers too but have had no luck so just thought Id put it in OF aswell as it gets a wee bit more traffic and Im losing patience rapidly in this search- so many places have not returned my calls or emails. (Just to add some shops have been very helpful but still awaiting many replies!) Hi all, Im hoping someone might be able to help me. Im looking for a particular Dessy dress, no 2796, and am having no luck. I have called around a few places but most shops have it in short length but I really need to see a full length one. Does anyone out there have it in stock at the moment? ... olorid=123 Appreciate any help :thnk
cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
have you tried Ardee Bridal they do a good selection of Dessy
Topsecretbride Posts: 147
Hi Cheekybride2011, thanks for the reply. Ardee Bridal were the first that I tried but no luck there. Ive also tried a place in Wicklow and Carlow and neither of them have it. Waiting (for days now) for some other places to come back to me but nothing so far. Will continue the search!! Thanks again x
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Bridal Heaven in Swords stock lots of Dessy!