Desperately seeking sandals

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sinead06 Posts: 26
Hi all Long time lurker - first time poster. Getting married in june and just have my sandals to sort out. Im making a trip to dublin at the weekend and i am wondering if anyone has bought ivory/cream sandals anywhere in the city. I would like ones with a small heel and sparkly bits if possible to go with the dress but at this stage I cant afford to be fussy either. Otherwise can anyone reccommend a good web site for buying shoes - have looked at loads but they dont seem to deliver to this part of the world. I really appreciate any help ye can give. Thanks Sinead
jolly molly Posts: 32
I can't recommend any shops in dublin but maybe this website may be of some use to you? [url:1gy7p6to][/url:1gy7p6to]
pluppy Posts: 3519
i was in roches in blanch last week to look at the shoes in faith but i'm stumbled apon dune and they had a lovely wedding range and even matching clutch bags the shoes were all €80 as far as i remember and were very nice i think i'll be getting mine from there
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Faith deffo have them. You'll find a concession in Roches Henry Street and a shop in Dundrum SC. They have a pair of beautiful sandals in cream or ivory with a round diamante brooch at the side of the foot - €60 - can't go wrong! Pic might not look great but believe me they are fab. I was nearly going to buy them myself and dump the ones I already have! [img:38c65p4g][/img:38c65p4g] [/img]
pluppy Posts: 3519
sweetcan they are lovely and 60squid cant go wrong
clumsybride Posts: 245
Dune in Roches Stores in Henry Street or in Dundrum Shopping Centre have really nice sandals at the moment, similar to what you described. ( I feel like a sales person for Dune, the amouunt of times i have posted about them :roll:
sinead06 Posts: 26
Girls Thanks sooo much for all the replies. It makes life so much easier for us mulchies from the country when we come to the big smoke! Will try all the shops ye suggested and thanks for the pic sweetcan. Have a nice long weekend Sinead
sinead06 Posts: 26
lindy Posts: 1135
you should go to Roches Stores in Henry Street good luck shoe hunting!!! :roll:
sinead06 Posts: 26
Yea Lindy thats where i got them. Absolutely delighted cause they are exactly what i wanted and couldnt match the dress better if i dyed them. Trying to post the pic but it wont work [/img][img] [/img]