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fossy Posts: 59
hi girls just wondering has anybody ordered material from dessy? i want toget the mens cravats made to match bm says on website you have to order it by the half yard (£24GBP)i think ill need about 3yards!!! is this to much money???
Linda H Posts: 1151
Hey Fossy, BUt if your looking for a material shop in cork, I went to La Modeliste in Bandon and they have a huge range of stuff and are fantastic to deal with! Good Luck
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
Hiya, I ordered the half yard swatch for matching up different things- the swatches are totally overpriced, but I think the half yard one is better value. I'd rather order it directly from Dessy & be sure of the right colour if it was me, even though it's quite expensive. Plus half a yard is actually quite a lot. HTH! :wv
Alluring Posts: 929
Hi, I ordered the cravats already made from Dessy because it worked out cheaper than getting them made myself. Through the shop, the cravats cost me €20each for 3 which was €60. To order the material was €20 per yard & I would have needed 3 yards. And the dressmaker was charging me €18 each to make them. Which would have cost €114 :eek Have you checked with your dressmaker for cost before you order? AB
fossy Posts: 59
the dress maker was chargeing 25 to make them,which is reasonable,the shop where we got the groomsmen suits had a very similar colour so i think ill go with that!!saveing me a good few ££££ :wv
bridesrus Posts: 917
Dessy do the cravats for £18 or you buy a colour swatch for £10 so u can match up various things for your wedding. O-O
brides007 Posts: 377
We can get you fabric its not as expensive as if you buy from the website. visit for more details. Ta Fiona :xxx