detoxing ?!!

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2006wedding Posts: 965
Hi I want to do a detox for the new year I am finding loads of info on the net but not sure what to do! I would like to do something like a 3 day detox to clean out my system after all the excess of christmas etc.. should i buy supplements or are there any good short term detox diets (focusing on eating only certain foods) I should follow? O-O
yvkeane Posts: 12
Hi there, maybe consider doing a 3 day juice detox? bubblicity provide a delivery service of 4 juices for 3 days, its not marketed as a weight loss detox more so giving your digestive system a break from 'toxic' dairy and wheat. I did it before christmas and absoloutly loved it the first day was tough as you do not eat any solid foods but you feel energised and light I guess. check out for more info!