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2006wedding Posts: 965
Hi I want to do a detox for the new year I am finding loads of info on the net but not sure what to do! I would like to do something like a 3 day detox to clean out my system after all the excess of christmas etc.. should i buy supplements or are there any good short term detox diets (focusing on eating only certain foods) I should follow? O-O
StarLilly Posts: 684
Start your day with hot water and a slice of lemon. Cut out all sweet / sugary / processed food - eat lots of fruit and vegetables, only whole grains (no white bread etc) Try avoid coffee and alcohol and frying foods. Lots of water. Buy some aloe vera juice in a health shop and have a few spoons of that before bed (recommended amount on bottle) Just eat healthy and "clean" - "detoxes" that recommend cutting out whole food groups, or only meal replacement drinks or just water for a few days are really bad for you, your body needs nutrition and any weight you lose from extreme detoxes you'll just put again immediately as soon as you start eating normally again- you'll also feel awful. Just be sensible about it and don't be fooled by quick fixes. Good luck!
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
The concept of 'detoxing' is a scam; your body already rids itself of toxins naturally, changing your diet or cutting out alcohol/caffeine doesn't change that. Of course there are huge benefits to eating more healthily and avoiding excess, but the whole detox industry is built on a big lie.
abbeylane Posts: 534
Do you have a healthy, functioning set of kidneys and liver? Cut down on fat and processed foods and alcohol and drink lots of water. Find someone to walk/jog with regularly. Your body will do it all for you - it's designed to!! It's free, healthy and it works if you stick with it.
2006wedding Posts: 965
Thanks :) :o)ll