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adorable Posts: 249
well girls the worst happened,went back to the hosp fri after been told the week b4 they were not too sure wat way the pregnancy was going. i was ten weeks yest lmp. the doc scanned me fri and said sorry the sac was still empty so it's a miscaariage. dh was wit me,we were shocked. nxt she mentioned the 2 options i had......take tablets and let it happen or a dandc. with that i sobbed,so afraid. so i decided to take the tablets,went home got a few things and went back to the coombe for 2. by 3 i had the first 2 tablets,vaginally. had to wait 4 hrs to take 2 more at 7 same again at 11,3 and 7. nothing was happening. doc came to see me sat morn and said if nothing happened by the afternoon they'd re-think wat to do. girls it's bad enogh the mc but then the tablets not working.....and u just want to get home to ur own surroundings.
cuisle Posts: 93
Adorable, I am so so sorry to hear your news and I can understand why it has been made that much harder. I hope you and your DH will be ok, look after each other :xxx
Ivy F Posts: 2023
I'm so, so sorry, Adorable. I also had a miscarriage at 10 weeks, and it had felt like such a long road to get to that point. I opted for a D&C instead of the tablets, & I'm really glad I did - I was very well looked after. Would you consider that? You'll be home within a couple of hours, & it's usually done under a General, so it's painless, physically, at least. Thinking of you. xxx