DH lost his job

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noddy1 Posts: 619
Hi all - looking for cyber sympathy DH job has been made redundant, a few heads lost and bottom line is in 1 month our house will be a 1 wage zone and we have so many financial commitments this year and now this. (we're married 6 months, house owners 3 months) It's not his fault but he feels like it is and I can't stop feeling like sh1t about it. I know other folks on the boards have been in my position - so i wanna know how did you stay sane? The worry of it is driving me nuts.
Strawberry Posts: 148
Hi Noddy I'm sorry to hear that, but try not to worry. A few years ago myself and DH were both made redundant around the same time from two different companies. It could have been stress city but it worked out just fine. We both got fairly good settlements that gave us some breathing space to find new jobs. Just a word of advice, your hubby should get on the interview circuit right away because the longer it gets between jobs, the harder it is to convince an interviewer that you want a particular job and not just any job to get back in the employment market. Also, we both signed on the dole right away, which helped with the bills. Obviously it depends on what line of work he is in and how flexible his skills are, but it could be a blessing in disguise, hopefully he will find a job that he prefers or even try something new. All the best and keep us posted on his progress.
katrina Posts: 294
Hi Noddy Not so long ago we were in this situation, i know it probably seems like there is no end to it all now but you things will pick up quickly. Best advice i could give is to to get out there and start looking h2b was willing to take a job at anything to pay the bills but luckily eneough one turned up that he is skilled in if he dosen't focus he will get stuck in a rutt! You will get there. Best of luck Katrina.
noddy1 Posts: 619
thanks guys, appreciated. we will cope financially, just about but is a worry for now. The suit is in the cleaners as we speak so he is doing his best to "move fast"! i know it will workout.
September 2005 Posts: 377
If you have payment protection on bills it covers them while you were out of work. My DH was out of work last year with a broken leg and the mortgage and credit card were paid while he was out.
Minxie Posts: 884
Mucho cyber sympathy. This happened to us last December. We had Christmas to look forward to also. DH got no redundancy after 15 ears in the company as they had gone bust, he has to apply to the state now for something but its all too late, bills come every month. But on the positive side, he set up a new company and is flying it now. We are actually very comfortable financially and its amazing how things can totally change in the space of a few weeks. I know it seems harsh now but you will get through this. My DH would have taken any job aswell. Its not the end of the road. He can do something/anything I'm sure until he gets a job like his old one. Just mind what you spend on now and you'll get through this no problem.