DH not drinking before EDD

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MrsDr Posts: 1316
Hi girls, Just wondering when your DHs are stopping drinking before your due date? I have about 27 days left and DH is out tonight, I asked him to restrain himself at the free bar just in case!!! He does get carried away sometimes and is always the life and soul of a party O-O I was thinking of next weekend being a good time for him to stop, 37ish weeks! Especially since last night I had very bad false labour and actually thought it was "time"!!
lush11 Posts: 2877
Im due the 26th June and himself has always been telling me that he's going off the drink for the month of June but the latest i hear is that he has to drink next friday which is the 3rd. Hmmmmm! I slagged him a lot about it to which he got very annoyed. Fec.k him. The month of June is the month of June so not sure if he's going to be drinking next fri now or not. I dunno, its getting close and i dont want to be on edge knowing that he has a few drinks in him if something happens.
Daff Posts: 11644
Probably from about 37/38 weeks and that's with the midwives all telling me I'll go early again. TBH if it's your first it most likely won't be that quick and you'll have time to get there etc but I would like DH to have a clear head and also it can go on a while so he'll need stanima for that! He doesn't really drink that much though so unless there's a specific event happening it won't make a difference. I have 1-2 small glasses of wine a week and that's more than he drinks usually :-8
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
I'd say maybe from 37 weeks don't go mad!!! As someone else said, you could be a long time in labour, definitely enough time for him to sober up if he's had one or two.
lcarrick Posts: 1639
hubbie has stopped from now, i'm 38 weeks on sunday, he also travels alot with work but on work transport and he's asked can he drive himself till i have baby just in case he's in dublin or something he can hop in the car and drive straight down. for some reason i felt bad the other day cause he's stopping now but then realised i haven't drank in 9 months so a few weeks is ok for him!
Duffers Posts: 1841
Last pregnancy DH stopped at round 37 weeks too but I was the one telling him at the weekends it was ok to have "a beer". Coz even if he had it all finished and I went into labour or waters broke. I knew Id still want to have a shower, check my bags (which I did, repacked actually) and didnt leave for hospital for about 2.5 hours anyway. It was in the middle of the day when it actually happened so no alcohol was consumed anyway.
mamam Posts: 724
DH was out 2 wks ago that was his last night out dont drink at home realy Id say he'd love a few drinks tonight wathcing the game but he's not risking it just incase need to make a dash as DS was early
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
my DH doesnt go out unless its with me! lol cos i sing most weekends hes always out with me when im gigging hes my sound man! we see that many drunk people we very rarely ever want to go out! were gettin very old before our time! a night on the sofa infront of tele with a chinese is bliss to us!lol he doesnt really drink anyway not unless i am, so hed have the odd tin of carlsberg but thats about it hes the quietest soul but when hes drunk hes so loud! lol totally different character he can get really annoying! so i think thats another reason hes not a big drinker, hes seen far oo many videos iv took on my phone of him being an arse!!lol
Trafford Posts: 463
Why do you want him to stop drinking?? Is it in case he has to drive you to the hospital?
lush11 Posts: 2877
[quote="Trafford":3b5h2kbw]Why do you want him to stop drinking?? Is it in case he has to drive you to the hospital?[/quote:3b5h2kbw] Of course! Last thing i'd want is some inebriated fool telling me how to push after getting a taxi to the hospital to have his child. I would at least like to rely on him to get me there safe and sound and in a sober state of mind.