DH's work trip at 38 weeks?

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pattie Posts: 2379
My DH has 2 work trips coming up in September, one to Germany for a night when I'm 36 weeks and possibly another to Poland when I will be almost 38 weeks for 2 nights. Is this last one too late? I told him it probably was, but then again, I will probably go over as my mother and sister went over on virtually all of their pregnancies. What do ye think?
marla Posts: 191
Hi Pattie, I think if it was me I wouldn't be all that happy about DH heading away when I was 38 weeks, you may very well go over but imagin how you'd both feel if DH was stuck in Poland while you were about to deliver! Don't think he'd want to miss such a huge occassion in your lives.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Realistically you will probably go over so it should be fine. Also Poland isnt that far away and first labours (im presuming its your first) are usually long also. If it was the case that you went into labour while he was away would it it be possible for him to just pack up and leave and get the next flight home. I would check flights from Poland for the time he is away just to be prepared and have a back up plan to get you to the hospital, etc. I saw a programme recently where a women lost her mucus plug while DH away on business and she rang him in a panic to get home, which he did and she didnt go into labour for 3 days after !!!! If i were you id let him go, the odds are in your favour he will be back before anything happens, good luck.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:14kvsgxe]Oh I can totally understand your nerves at him going away so close to your due date. Does he HAVE to go on the trip?? Like are his work adament that he goes?? I wouldn't be happy with my DH going away!! I'd just be afraid in case I went early and he missed the birth or couldn't get a flight home on time etc. Both of you would be so upset if he missed it and all because of work!! Is there any chance that another person can go on the trip instead of him??[/color:14kvsgxe]
pattie Posts: 2379
Thanks for the advice girls, good point NLTG about checking out the flights. Maybe I'll do that, he would have 12-14 hours to get home for the birth! On the other hand he doesn't [i:p5boi767]have[/i:p5boi767] to go, it's more that he'd like to. But if the flights were very regular maybe it'd be okay.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I guess it is a personal choice - it wouldn't bother me if DH was to go to a place where he could get home easier. Like Poland for me would be fine as there is a flight a day into Cork, but I wouldn't like it if he was stranded in a place where he might have to wait 2 days to come home - how long is he planning on being gone for?