Diamonds-USA - anyone buy from them?

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bijou Posts: 1154
Hi, I've seen a ring I like on this site but would love to know if anyone bought from them and what are the opinions? They seem very reasonable.
mizmoniepennie Posts: 4
hey there my fella bought my engagement ring online from the USA website called blue nile- it was nearly half the price of any jewellers in Ireland x
bijou Posts: 1154
Cheeres mizmoniepennie.....I'll check them out
snoopy08 Posts: 404
Hi bijou My fiance bought my engagement ring from Diamonds USA. He saved an absolute fortune and did not have to pay customs. We got the ring valued in Ireland and it's worth twice what he payed for it. I also got my wedding band from them to match my e-ring. They offer a very good service which is fast and friendly. I'm definitely going to buy other diamond jewellery from them in future. HTH and good luck with you search. :wv