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luppy Posts: 246
Hi girls, anyone know where I can get little diamontes to put on invites? I need about 80. preferably around the kildare/west dublin area. Thanks!
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Hi Luppy Ebay is great for them. Do you know what size you need- they come in millimeters (2mm, 3mm etc). You can also buy them in bead shops, but they are much more expensive. What colour are you looking for?
misseyb Posts: 8
only know of Daintree on Lower Camden Street...was in there at the weekend, and they seem to have everything invite related :wv
MizMelanie Posts: 1443
Hi luppy - not sure if it's any help but I bought self adhesive diamantes in Lantz on charlemont street in Dublin. They were about 4euro for 80 of them and so handy cos they were self adhesive. If you couldn't travel perhaps you could order over the phone or get someone in dublin to pick them up for you?
luppy Posts: 246
Thanks rocksie80!! i'm looking for clear crystal ones,small enough but I have the invites so will measure. will have a look. Thanks again!! And thanks misseyb and mizmelanie, i'm actually up in dublin tomorrow so might pop into those shops. my htb is amazed how fast the replies came in. :wv
MrsI2B Posts: 159
Floralfusions Posts: 8
I use them on invites and my bouquets i get mine from easons about 3 euro for 80 i think :thnk