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ed* Posts: 402
I have been on Dianette for about 4 years and I have just heard that it can cause PCOS - this is freaking the b-jaysus out of me right now :shock: and I was wondering if anyone else had heard this. Thanks
snozberry Posts: 1212
cant say I;ve heard that but next time you are at your doc it would be worth consulting with them.... also read the pamphlet that comes with it although they usually cover about 20 different things that COULD be side effects. sorry I cant be of any more use!
mrswed0505 Posts: 444
Hi ya Just to let you I suffer from PCOS and I was put on Dianette to help combat the the side effects of PCOS. I suffered with PCOS for a couple of years before I decided to go on the pill so it is not that the pill caused the PCOS. As Snozberry said you should talk to your doctor to put your mid at ease.
ed* Posts: 402
Thanks, I think I just panicked yesterday :oops: I'm definately going to get it checked out. Thansk for the replies :wink:
bibi05 Posts: 10
Hi, I was on Dianette for over 10 years, I was convinced I had PCOS because every time I came off it my acne came back and I would have to go back on it. I was also convinced that I would find it really difficult to get pregnant. It happened the first month we tried! I was off the pill only 2 months. I even went to the Dr before coming off the pill and told him I thought I had PCOS he said I didn't have it. I asked him how did he know that, he told me my shape wasn't that of someone who has PCOS. I guess he was right as I'm now pregnant :D I hope this puts your mind at ease. I don't think Dianette would cause it, it just makes the symptoms better if you do have it.
ed* Posts: 402
Thanks bibi05, Can I ask what shape you are supposed to be??? I could do with losing about a stone but I'm not severly overweight or anything..... Congrats on the pregnancy, and I hope it's happy and healthy :wink:
bibi05 Posts: 10
Thanks! I'm not sure exactly so don't quote me and being a certain shape I'm sure doesn't mean someone definately has it it but I think he said quite straight without much curves and overweight. Although I could do with loosing a stone myself!!
Sentosa Posts: 57
Hi Im on dianette, actually i just came off it last month, to try for a baby. Im getting a mini panic attack................what is PCOS???? sorry but i never heard of it??!!
Mrs. Niamh Posts: 166
PCOS is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Classic symtoms are: irregular periods no periods infertility irregular spotting excessive facial or body hair acne obesity mood swings breast pain abdominal pain aching joints dizziness increased tendency to faint chronic fatigue
Ivy F Posts: 2023
Bibi, can I ask, did your acne persist once you became pregnant? I asked my doc about this & how to prevent it re-occurring (I've been taking Dianette since having a severe acne attack out of the blue a few yrs ago), & she just said that there's no way of telling/preventing.