Diarrhea :-(

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Girls, Have a horrible does today, any advice on what I should do to stop it? Afraid its dangerous or something as usually the total opposite!! xx
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
Fluids, fluids and more fluids...... keeping hydrated is the most important thing with diarrhoea, as you're losing fluids at a rapid rate, if your urine is dark in colour that is a sign you're dehydrated. IF the diarrhoea is very severe, or if there is blood in your stools contact you doc immediately. But its most likely something you ate, or the 24 hr bug thats going around.... Hope you feel better soon!!
Dr of love Posts: 425
I'm not a doctor but I doubt its anything to worry about as long as you keep taking your fluids. Dehydration would not be a good thing normally, and worse when you are pregnant. If you still have it badly after 24hrs, I would call your doc (which you should do pregnant or not) and don't take any anti-diarrhea drugs at all (unless prescribed by your doc). I am sure they are pretty much all contraindicated. A bit of a tummy bug/food poisoning should be nothing to worry about unless it continues for days.