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jellytotz Posts: 190
Hi all, I have a MAJOR issue!!!! I ordered 5 dresses from for my bridesmaids (after I ordered one a few months ago as a sample and it was perfect) and they ALL are too small-wrong measurements and they are a completely different design/style to what I ordered the first time and they are horrible  I have been back and forth with emails stating this and that I either want the correct dresses or a full refund (as there policy states that if they are incorrect that they are liable for costs etc) and they will only give me a 40% refund and actually told me ‘go to your own dress tailor’ to add on the extra size and to change the dress to the way I want it----the cheek! I responded saying I wasn’t happy with their customer support and I will not be doing that as its impossible make a dress bigger! And they have not replied in a week and I cannot reach them by phone  I spent 100’s on these dresses, and I know I did take a risk by ordering them online but I did take the initative to order a sample first and now I am out of pocket- which my whole BM dress budget spent and nothing to show -6 months before my wedding  I could just cry… :weep What I want to ask is… does anyone know any consumer rights that could back me up or even if I can do anything about this? At this stage I just want my money back to be honest  Also, if anyone has a good reliable cheap shop or website to order dresses on- can you please help me out-any advice is appreciated. A very sad bride :o( T
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
:action32 Sorry to hear that pet. I found my BM dresses online but found a supplier in Galway. I thought it would save hassle ordering them in a shop rather than over the internet but they managed to f*ck up one of the sizes and it swamped one of the BMs. They denied making any mistake and just blamed the company they ordered from and no one would take responsibility. My BM found an amazing dress maker who was more like a tailor. She did a great job and literally took the dress apart and made it again to the BMs exact measurements. It had been at least a size too big abut once she worked her magic it was fantastic. Most dresses can be salvaged. Best of luck O:o)
Idina Posts: 1289
You poor thing-have you tried ringing them? Sometimes it's easier to get people to back down when you are talking to them!
jellytotz Posts: 190
Thanks - do you think its possible to add on material or extend a dress out at the waist though? thats the problem here....i did try ringing them and they dont even have a proper voice mail!!!!!! So i left a message but i doubt they will reply :(
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I'm not 100% sure but I would have thought they could add to the waist alright, make it bigger. Maybe add a panel; I suppose it depands how small the dress is. You really need to try and recommendations for a good dress maker from your area and see. I'd still try to make your supplier accountable for the mistake but in the meantime do some research. HTH
lottie79 Posts: 343
Did you pay by credit card by any chance? Have a look at the website below - you may be able to get a refund! ... /index.jsp I hope it all gets sorted out for you!