did any1 go private in Mullingar?

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babythoughts Posts: 130
Girls just wondering if any of you went private in Mullingar? My doc suggested after miscarriage maybe private is the way to go! Im thinking Dr Mortell??? anybody have him and any idea how much he'll cost? Thanks girls
squinn Posts: 169
I went private with Dr mortell and found him wonderful, can highly recommend him. His fees were 2k
babythoughts Posts: 130
Thanks so much Squinn for getting back to me. Thats who I picked to go with have heard nothing but wonderful stories about him. Hope you dont mind me asking did you have health insurance? Im clueless about all this if you have health insurance do you have to pay less or was it 2000 with health insurance. Im so bad :-8 thanks again for gettting back to me really appreciate it.
squinn Posts: 169
Hi That was with my health insurace also making a small payment to him. Health insurance covers the hospital room, anaesthetist for epidural mainy. Mullingar have a wonderful maternity unit, care was exceptional. As to whether private is any different or worth it i think depends on the individual. I have had friends with good and bad experiences of both. F or me we went private as i liked the reassurance of seeing the consltant at each visit and having a consultant perform the sections. That said my pregnancies were very easy and problem free so who's to say a registrar wouldn't have done as good job. i sppose ultimately for me i felt more confident and reassured going private so in that sense it was money well spent
jewellb Posts: 2389
when i get pregnant would love to have my babies in mgar, my sil had her 2 DS there, she was raving about it there was only her and another girl in labour, and she had a midwife sitting at a desk in her room with her the whole time, also they have quiet time in the afternoon strictly no visitors for a couple of hours to let mum and baby rest, she went public by the way. :lvs :lvs