Did anyone fly in First Trimester?

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wonderwife Posts: 463
As the title suggests has anyone flown or asked Dr about flying in first trimester? I have just found out I'm pregnant again after a MC and we have a holiday to the canaries booked for when I'll be around 10 weeks. Given my previous MC is this risky? I didn't think I'd be caught again so soon! Anyway I've read conflicting advice online so I just thought I'd check here and see what all you Wollies say? I'm thinking that if it was a real risk everyone would know about it and that if most MC's are due to a genetic problem a flight won't cause that. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance?
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I flew at about 16 weeks. My consultant advised that it's perfectly safe to fly in pregnancy. GO on your hols and enjoy! Congrats on your pregnancy.
Doozer28 Posts: 881
It's perfectly safe to fly as far as I am aware. Go & enjoy yourself!!! You're only restricted from flying in the last couple of weeks & I think that's just in case you go into labour or something!
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
I flew long haul (2 flights each way) at 9 weeks and short haul 2 weeks later in this pregnancy. I hadn't flown at all when I had my MMC. It's so so hard because you'll spend the few months worrying and second guessing yourself but I think you'll probably benefit far more from a relaxing break that any possible negative effects.
Water-girl Posts: 88
I flew at 8 weeks after my doctor told me it was perfectly safe. I had a MMC a few months beforehand so was nervous but she said the break would do me good. I'm so glad I went now as it was my last holiday abroad before babs arrives. I did make sure I had health cover etc in place though just in case I had to use a hospital abroad.
blueboots Posts: 833
I flew at 9 weeks on this pregnancy and 14 weeks and 17 weeks on previous pregnancy. Perfectly safe. I even ran it by my doctor beforehand.
quartz Posts: 446
Tomorrow I'll fly for the fourth time and am 18 weeks pregnant. All short flights, max 3 hours. I've also miscarried previously where there was no flying involved.
wifetob Posts: 936
Congratulations! I flew at 6 weeks on my first pg and at 16 weeks on my second. First trip was for work and I checked with my Gp first to make sure it was ok as I wasn't sure. So I'd say you'd be fine but you could check with your gpmjust to be sure.
DaisyB Posts: 1708
congrats!! i flew at 8 and 9 weeks doc said to me that there was no risk at all.. enjoy!!!
1Bighappy Posts: 57
Hi Wonderwife, I flew at 10 weeks pregnant- to Germany and back and everything was fine. As far as I know the only issue is when flying in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy. Congrats on your pregnancy and enjoy your holidays. :lvs