Did ANYONE get Arcade Fire tickets???

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NotsoNewlyWed Posts: 173
Honest to God I'm going to start a one woman, [size=150:22y3jibp]violent[/size:22y3jibp] anti-Ticketmaster campaign!!!!! O:| O:| O:|
clucky Posts: 26471
nope raging distraught will sell one of my kidneys for one :o(
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
take it they sold out then??
newkid30 Posts: 2233
I saw them 2 years ago at electric picnic, it was before they broke into the mainstream. They were sensational!!
dreamer Posts: 3941
[quote="NotsoNewlyWed":3qm3jqgr]Honest to God I'm going to start a one woman, [size=150:3qm3jqgr]violent[/size:3qm3jqgr] anti-Ticketmaster campaign!!!!! O:| O:| O:|[/quote:3qm3jqgr] Make that a two woman campaign. Am raging here - spent 40 minutes constantly on the website and nothing. O:| Am gutted. :o( They were sooooooooo good in the Olympia last March.
NotsoNewlyWed Posts: 173
Well.....I managed to get two on needaticket.ie but of course had to pay well above the odds. They were on ebay by 9.12am this morning for £90 but they appear to have been taken down. SO SICK of TICKERMASTER O:|
survivor Posts: 2507
No :o( :o( :o( :o( :o(
dreamer Posts: 3941
Crap - just had a look there. Selling them for €100 each! I will just go for a late night walk in the park and strain my ears!!!
NotsoNewlyWed Posts: 173
There seems to be a LOT of people giving out about this! I don't know one person who managed to get them online this morning and I rang a few outlets and one told me that they sold TWO tickets before the system told them that they were gone!
dreamer Posts: 3941
It really is a joke. I walked past the queue at the ticketmaster outlet in Stephen's Green centre, thinking I would have a better chance online!