Did anyone organise there own hen?

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Doll Face Posts: 3721
Im just wondering did ant brides out there organise there own hen ??????? I have 3 Bms 2 of which are under 18 and my sis is my CBM but is only 19 and doesent seem to give a fu* im faced with A not havin one or B organising my own............. To be honest at this stage i prob wont here all these stories about Bms that do all this nice stuff for the bride and my fu*ckin sis will do nothing bar want to go home selfish b*itch. O:| O:|
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
oh thats bad form my bms will do it but ill have an in put :o0 i tink ya should have your own yall only be a hen once
GEMSPB Posts: 558
Ah Dollface... :xox You may aswell drop really BIG hints now. Have you any cousins etc who would be able to help your sis in the planning? My sis is the same. We were coming home from getting our fittings done and one of the other girls asked her what are we doing for the hen. Her reply was 'Oh Sh**e. Am I meant to organise that?' You have to do something. Even if its just gathering together all your girlfriend and going for a meal or having a pampering session at a spa.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
hi dollface yip me too i organised my own hen too,
goin-to-the-chapel Posts: 329
hi sorry to hear that can you do something like a meal or Spa day where the under 18 bridesmaids can be involved and organise it for you
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Ah dollface! Why don't you drop hints about how its getting close to wedding and want to get the hen organised and see what they say? What had you in mind anyway? I was going to organise my own but one of my BMs said last night she'd do it for me so I'll leave it to her. Just have to giver her a list of names.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
TBH I'd probably prefer to organise my own - I'm not into the sashes, tiaras & L plates!!!!!! Think my CBM is all on for big night on the tiles though so when the time comes not sure if I'll get away with organising it myself!!!!! :o0
sona sasta Posts: 585
Im organising mine if i have one! Its your night, so why not organise it the way you want it!
simbalady30 Posts: 231
i organised most of my own hen coz im mrs organiser at the best of times and like dat not into all the flashing lights+ sashes! Wasnt put out at all! :eek
ozypozy Posts: 2950
I've put a complete ban on fake willies (staws or otherwise!), flashing L plates and all that stuff!! hopefully she was listening!