Did anyone think they would never get pregnant??

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Having a bad day today girls and need some hope, I had when I get that horrible feeling that it will never be our turn :-( Over two years since the MC now and it doesn't get any easier xxx Would love some inspiration ladies :thnk
libramoon Posts: 2402
Lovethesite, I had a MMC in July 2009. We assumed it would happen again for us so we kept on TTC but a year passed and nothing. I decided to try Napro in 2010. The process with them was a long one for me as it wasn't obvious what was wrong. I was put on fertility meds for low progesterone but still no joy so finally after a L&D in June 2011 we had a bit of a breakthrough. They found endo and cysts on my ovaries (ovaries were actually stuck to my womb) and were able to removed it all. The consultant said we had a very good chance over the following 6 months. My fertility meds were changed a bit after that and I started up acupuncture again. So with the combination of those changes we got a BFP in December 2011 and I'm almost 22 weeks now. It was almost 2 and a half years after the MC before anything happened again. In that time I had major ups and downs and ended up going to a councellor at one stage. In my low moments I thought it would never happen. I listened to the secret on audio and althou I found some of it hard to believe I did feel it was important to be positive. I stuck a post-it on my bedroom mirror which said "It doesn't matter how long it takes, it will happen!" and well it did eventually happen and hopefully we'll have a baby in September. So all I can say pet is don't give up hope :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:
babybrain2012 Posts: 185
Yeah especially when I heard of another friend who was pregnant or when I was buying baby clothes for new babies or when we visited another new baby - there's nothing easy about it but if treatment is required then go for it, you'll feel better once something is happening. Good luck x
windycity Posts: 2241
I felt like this! we were 2 yrs ttc. I still cant believe it and feel like I want to get my beta levels checked every week until scan on 8th may at 7 wks , would it be bad if I got them doen again??
MiniBlingfor2012 Posts: 673
Lovethesite, I have to admit I had my doubts. I'm not normally a negative person and hubby was so convinced it would happen but I have always been cautious and the one to presume the worst so you can only be surprised. We were TTC a year and a half and started investigations after 6 months. I was found to have PCOS and while I heard of a lot of girls with the same thing going on to get pregnant I just wasn't convinced. Added to this was months on different doses of clomid, none of which managed to get me ovulating or into a cycle of my own. I had this awful fear that if they could not get me ovulating that no amount of procedures, even IVF could help as you need eggs for any of them to work. I said it to one of the nurses one time who assured me I am still young with a good egg reserve and it would happen, I just wasn#t convinced though. When I got my first scan on the injections and it showed I was actually near ovulating and had follicles that was when I started to believe in my body. That first month we got lucky and I'm now 11 weeks pregnant. I couldn't believe it at first and did a million tests followed by an early scan at the clinic where I balled when she confirmed there was definately a baby in there, sometimes I still have to pinch myself and maybe will not quite believe it till I have a bump or probably until I hold babs in my arms for the first time. The main thing hon is that some of us have been there and understand completely, at times it seems it will never happen and it's ok to think that. Just think WHEN it does happen you will be even more shocked/ecstatic and above all thankful!!! All the best in your journey and don't give up hope, your little baby maybe just around the corner :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
To answer you question yes! And this was even before we started TTC! I just knew it would happen for us easy nothing did, when we did start TTC I got really sick and hen had a MC but thank God all worked well for us in the end and we've the two most amazing, healthy boys! Life's good and it will work out for you just try and stay positive!
gottabfp Posts: 5641
We would have been 6 years trying this month but we are now almost 7 months pregnant. I still dont believe its real and dont think i ever ever will. I still have to pinch myself and trust me as soon as you get that bfp you will forget all the heart ache that ttc caused. :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: A huge amount of babydust for you :thnk
jess_gal2009 Posts: 1061
ME! I thought this plenty of times in the 23 months of ttc that we went through. Didn't go and get checked out properly until a year and a half of temping/peeing on ov sticks/tracking cycle/eating pineapple/acupuncture to regulate cycle/drinking grapefruit juice/using preseed at ov time...omigod i tried loads of different things! In the end, we got a referral from my gp to fertility clinic- and after initial tests showed up no obvious problems with either of us, i started on clomid and follicle tracking. Didn't work on month one, but worked on month 2 and have a beautiful baby boy from it! :o)ll when we ttc for no.2, i won't hesitate to make appt with fertility clinic again and won't waste my time faffing around with temping/ov sticks etc. hopefully, clomid would work again for us. Best of luck. it's sooo easy to lose heart, but the support of the girls on the ttc forum really lifted my spirits sooo many months. fingers crossed you'll get what u want. :babydust: