Did everybody get the "WOW Its the one feeling?"

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red Posts: 444
Finally got round to dress shopping last week. Have been to 4 stores and in each store found one dress that I think is fab. No, I did not start to cry and neither did my mum. We did not jump for joy and I did not think 'this is what I've been dreaming about my whole life!' I am wondering am I abnormal? Or just perfectly normal in a different way! I've found some beautiful dresses. Of course can't make up my mind (normal in my books) but I dont think I'll ever get the 'its the one, tears of joy' reaction. Anyone else like me? Heading to the US soon and have done enough research to know I can save at least €500 on one of the dresses I like if I buy there. But due to lack of the above 'feelings' for the dresses would I be jumping the gun in buying over there?
sue27 Posts: 604
I wasn't like that either. I tried on a good few dressed in the first shop I went to, there was 2 or 3 we (Mum and me) really liked. Then I went to another shop and then to Debenhams bridal section and nothing compared to the 2nd one I tried on (when i tried it on I just thought it was really nice), and when I went back with MIL and SIL that was it, I knew it. But no, I didn't get that WOW straight away.
justme Posts: 1700
No i tried on loads and got stressed out because i never got the wow feeling and my mam never cried :o( I had to try on my dress a few times before i really loved it - it was in the back of my head but just wasnt sure until about the third time i tried it on Cant wait to wear it now
Muzzy Posts: 70
Hi, I tried on some lovely dresses in shops which cost a fortune. I then went into Oxfam bridal on Georges street, Dublin - bridal shops supply them with their unsold stock and bought a gorgeous dress for €275.00 - never been worn, straight from the bridal shop. When I put it on I loved it as it was perfect but not what I was originally thinking as a dress as didn't want to get a bustier style as was afraid that i would be pulling at it all day. Got dress slightly adjusted and cannot wait to wear it on the day. Another option for dresses and means that you are not spending a fortune on a dress that you will never wear again. Hope it helps, muzzy.