Did having a baby put financial strain on you?

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mama sugar Posts: 1387
Hi girls, Not even pg at the moment but ttc, but I am actually worring at the moment. How did you cope with being on maternity leave and how much does a baby cost (eg childcare, food, nappies all that I know I shouldnt be thinking like this but it is worring me would we be able to afford a baby, should we hold off until we are financially stable things are very tight at the moment but its just after the wedding and honeymoon so cc are maxed out. But if we did get pregnant we should be a bit more stable in 9 months . Just wondering if you could shed some light on this??? x
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Sugarcube you just have to juggle things a bit more...it always works out. The beauty of it is that your social life naturally slows down once you have a child...no eating out at the drop of a hat etc, so you do save some money there. Once you have the big things purchased, you get into a routine. Nappies and formula are expensive, but as I said, you are spending less in other areas. Once you don't want to kit babs out in designer gear, you will be fine. My little fella is normally dressed head to toe in Tesco stuff... :D
mama sugar Posts: 1387
Thanks, tesco has lovely little stuff love the baby roo stuff awhhhhh! no think im just panicking a bit at the moment finding it tight with money, rarely go out as it is!
Sart Posts: 441
sugar I think about this all the time. But breastfeeding is free and cloth nappies are re-usuable!!!! there will never be a 'perfect' time to have a baby. you just have to go with your heart on this one. You will survive - everyone else does don't they?
BarbadosBride Posts: 448
I thik its around 200 or so a week in a creche...even more in some places, but if your Mum or another family member would be willing to look after your baby its fantastic. Theres no doubt that being a Mum changes your life but they are worth it!! They make you very unselfish
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
you get €150 per month per child and this definitley covers firmula ( 12 euro per tim) and breat milk is free if your gonna go that route nappies: for newborn, nappies are only 6 and then they go up to about ten, a packet a week should do i have to say im shocked at how little ds's costs ! but theres all the extras we buy him ( you cant help it!) like clothes, toys etc that add up! childcare is the most expensive, as someone said €200 per week! :shock: if u have a decent job with good benefits then yoiu can take full pay for 20 weeks then have abother 8 ( i think) on no pay, id advise you to save as much as you can for the 9 months to buy you a bit of extra time when the baby is born. so the most expensive part of babies is either the childcare aspect if youre returning to work or if you intend staying at home, then surviving on one wage makes it expensive
mama sugar Posts: 1387
thanks for the replys girls at least I have an idea of how much you would have to save and that sort of thing...im just a bit of a worrier when it comes to money and not having enough dont care about me but when a baby is involved thats another case, well as people say there is never really a right time to have a baby where money is concerned but if its right in your heart things will be fine...lets hope we get some baby dust sprinkled on us this month...then saving for 9 months!!! thanks a mil ye are so good to reply x
Lucy D Posts: 91
Sugarcube Best advise is when you are ready go for it, I mean if you really sat down and went through it all nobody would have them but when they arrive everyone makes it work so don't let finances (to a certain extent) let it rule your decision.