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lil-star Posts: 3149
€90 for a chocolate tree with a few chocolates hanging from it??? sky lanterns are ranging from about €60-120 for about 40 of them, anyone got a better deal?
Enchantress Posts: 1509
Those sky lanterns...what exactly are they??? Everyone goes outside and lights them and they float off like hot air balloons is it??? :wv
Sinful Posts: 956
Where did u look lil-star?? i have this website i thought worked out a bit cheaper, i wanted about 200
Sinful Posts: 956
Ha ha ha sorry forgot to paste it :-8 http://www.chiangmaicraft.com/skylanterns.asp Also im in process of making the choco trees will keep u updated on how i get on. i know another wollie got her florist to make them for €15...some difference i tells ya :eek
lil-star Posts: 3149
i was only gonna get 50, maybe a lantern per couple? choc trees ohhh sinful tell me how your making them?
Enchantress Posts: 1509
These are lovely! So whats your plan for these?? Are you gonna get the DJ / band to announce for everyone to go outside at 12.00 am or something?? And then everyone lights them and lets them go?? :wv
lil-star Posts: 3149
i was on that site sinful, i emailed them for a quote on how much to deliever, its from thailand so it could cost a bomb
Faireez Posts: 973
I'm planning on trying to make the choc trees myself. Gonna enlist the help of 3-4 friends and family and hopefully make 5-6. Might have to have a few bottles of wine to make the process less labourious. Let us know how u get on making your own.
Valkstar Posts: 2747
I just showed the sky lanterns to h2b and we love them! They'd be so gorgeous to release at night *) One thing though - are they dangerous in any way? Am I right in saying they won't fall back down til the flame goes out? I wouldn't want to be setting the venue on fire :o0 :o0
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Love this idea. *)