Did Ireland forget to Haggle!!

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Irish Wedding DJ Posts: 1436
Just read a post in another forum and I just realised that nobody haggles anymore. in most cases, my packages are down to the lowest I can go but i'll always gove a few quid because it's kind of cheeky!! There really are some great savings to be made out there so dont be afraid to ask, you never know. I know that when I have a car serviced, or buy something i'll always try and get something for nothing. its good fun aswell!! Ruairi Finnegan
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Ruairi - Thanks for the posting this ! I have yet to meet with the hotel, but I fully intend on haggling. But what if you have already booked suppliers like videographer, band, photographer etc - where you have already paid a deposit (in my case deposits were paid last year) do you really have much of a chance in haggling with these suppliers when you booked at a certain price ? O-O
Irish Wedding DJ Posts: 1436
Ah no thats's a different one, if you buy a bunch of banana's from Moore Street for €2, you couldn't go back and get them for say €1.50. Point of Sale. Truth is, if I said yes - I would have all my bookings for 2009 on the phone in the morning. :-8 I haven't raised my rates since 2006 and prices are competitive enought, but i'll always consider an haggling plea, it's a bit of fun! Ruairi Finnegan