did u find it hard to live on just statutory allowance?

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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi I was wondering if you found it hard to manage on just the statutory pay allowance which in the north is £112 per week, We need both incomes coming in which is why i will be returning to work but will only be getting statutory pay for my time off....I want to take the full time allowed off to bond with the baby but don't want to put a big strain on [email protected]? How is everyone else working with this.....we have feck all savings to talk about as have been working on house etc etc etc...
blushing b2b Posts: 288
like you i will be getting £112 per week (living in UK) but dont forget that is still subject to tax deductions etc although it shouldnt be much. I think we will be ok on DHs income as he gets good shift premium but we will have to cut out all the extras and live very basic which is reason why i am returning to work - i want to have the money for the extras like weekends home to ireland and little treats every now and again The thing i am going to miss most while on statatory is having my own money to spend how i wish. £112 is not going to go very far and even though i know Dh will give me cash as and when i need it i dont want to be putting pressure on him and i also dont want to have to justify every purchase i make
deem Posts: 710
you could try to put a little aside now for when on statutory maternity, thats whan i'm doing, its not much but hope it will make a difference wnen getting less. we get €280 here & im worrying about that, I suppose we will all manage somehow