Did you get nerves ...are you nervous? 2 weeks and no nerves

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Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Hi Miamiladyde I am 4 weeks to go, and not a bit nervous either. I can't wait, I'd do it tomorrow morning in my pjs if I could! OH is the same. I will be a little self concsious about being "on show", but like you say we're having people we love there, so even if I make a holy-crying-show of myself, nobody will really care. I really hope everything goes to plan and people have a great time- we've spent a long time planning our day- but no nerves... YET.... >:o)
MrsBC2b Posts: 205
I have a lot more time to go before you guys so naturally no nerves here, yet anyway. :yelrotflmaosmilie: I would imagine that people get nervous about being the centre of attention all day and the feeling that people might be judging them on their choices on the day if they are not having a great time. I love all that stuff so I don't expect to get nervous. Once you are sure in your choice of H2B then all is good and there is nothing to be nervous of
Chillaxed Posts: 583
no nerves here either just a lot of excitement!! :compress :compress :compress
demonwife Posts: 225
Getting close to the two month mark for me and I think that I am more worried than nervous. I worry that things won't come together on the day, and that it is all going to fall on it's backside, like the wedding equivalent of ending up in front of a big crowd of people with no clothes on :o0. It's completely irrational but yet I am worrying about it in the back of my mind all the time!!! I also hate the thought of being centre of attention for the day, and being photographed, ugggh!!! No nerves yet about the actual marriage bit. I can hardly eat as it is, so if that kicks in, I'm sugared!!! I cannot wait for the day after the wedding; I think that is going to be the best bit!!! Waking up knowing that I no longer have a wedding to plan or save for, woohoo!!!
mijas chica Posts: 544
Hey :wv I wasn't up til Sunday but starting a little bit now! 7 days!!! I need to start packing my stuff for the flight on Sat morn! Not finished work til Thurs so a bit tight for time in the evenings. Tried my dress on at home on Sunday, found a hole in the back :eek Mams going to try and sew it! This time next week I'll be a nervous wreck, bring on the sleeping tablets!
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
I'm nervous, I have to admit, but I'd never say that to himself.
Livinginhope Posts: 421
I wasn't nervous at all. Keep waiting on the nerves to kick in but they never did! I slept like a baby the night before and was woken by my alarm at 8.30pm, absolutely starving. People say you don't eat because of nerves but I never stopped!! Was all exited but no nerves, thought I would of been when I got to the church but I was grand and delighted to see everyone there but once I got up to my DH at the top of the aisle I burst into tears. I'd love to do it all again, can honestly say it was the best day of my life :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Have a great day girls and enjoy the build up to it O-O
dublinredhead Posts: 917
[quote="miamiladyde" I will never ask a bride again is she nervous[/quote] This was the one question that drove me crackers!! No I'm not nervous... I wasn't yesterday or the day before when you asked the same question so why would I be nervous today!!!! :duh: :duh: :duh: :duh: I wasn't nervous at all.... stressed yes... but definately not nervous.
Mrs Pots Posts: 240
I did not get nervous coming up to the wedding either.. On the wedding day I was too sick to be nervous ( had the flu ) but I did feel anxious on the way out in the car.. When I was turning the corner to walk up the isle I nearly lost my life with everybody looking.. I had never thought of everybody looking at me and my Dad and I slightly panicked but my Dad made me laugh at the back of the church and I laughed and smiled all the way up the isle then!
nepifer Posts: 278
I'm not nervous but I am anxious about it! it reminds me of college exams, all that preparation, studying hard... and when the day is closer I just want to get everything I learnt out of my head and get it over with! :o)ll