Did you have an engagement party?

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sevi Posts: 408
:wv Just wondering if many of ye had an engagement party and how big it was if you did? We're not "official" yet but hopefully soon enough, just not sure what exactly to do when we are. I'm living away from home now so my family wouldn't have met his so at the least we'll have a family dinner for the immediate families but not sure if maybe should / will do more. His family is big anyway so even just with us and parents and siblings it would be probably 25ish for dinner. Also because I don't live at home I'd say we'll have it up here so don't really want to go inviting other people from home and have them feel they have to come up and pay for a night's accommodation etc. So at the moment just thinking direct family for a meal somewhere local, maybe if friends up here were around then to call into pub after, but then does that look bad?? Don't really want it turning into a mini wedding either which easily could if some people had their way!!
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
No, my parents wanted to throw one but we really weren't into it. Went out with family and friends to celebrate about 30 of us but didn't do the big party thing. I think do what suits you best as your friends and family will understand. I agree about not wanting the mini wedding thing although everyone to their own. Congratulations by the way. :wv
ginger nut Posts: 5989
we didn't have one although we did talk about it. We got engaged just before christmas so there were dozens of parties around that time which turned into "mini engagement parties".....it would have been nice though to have an evening with both families together.
tammie Posts: 169
I had one only last weekend .. have to say i was a bit unsure about having one .. but it turned out to be a class night .. my family and his family and all our friends .. really had a good laugh .. would recomment it to anyone!!
mollyeile Posts: 2486
His parents had dinner for us. As did my parents. Then we went out with various groups of friends on different nights. Saving the big party for the house warming :o)ll :o)ll
bbbride Posts: 664
We had party at the house for about 40 people, nice to get all the families interacting. We didnt want a party but just kept getting questions, when are ye having party, we want a celebration. Have to say we had a brill time, great having everyone together. My cousin had one in the local pub, that was fine and light hearted.
s wife Posts: 1445
we didnt have one,we got engaged in paris and we'd only got home and we had to go to my bro's 30th dinner so i suppose it killed two birds even though i did want to have my own limelight,but we did have a few weeeknds of celerbrating with different sets of friends do what suits yourselves im ragging i didnt :wv
Fiona13 Posts: 1366
ye we had Engagment party & house warming the same night, just had a big party in our house, probably about 50 there...
Mama2 Posts: 1230
We had a get together in a local pub. We didn't want to call it an engagement party as we felt people would feel obliged to bring presents. We wanted to be able to celebrate with all of our friends and we had a ball. It was a brilliant night. If the wedding is half as good it will be fantastic.
loveheart Posts: 686
We had 2 :-8 Both amazing nights and we had them about 3 months ater we got engaged as it was sort of the first chance we got. Felt as if lots of ice had been broken and the two families know each other a lot better now (aided by lots of wine!)