did you know when your baby started moving downwards?

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
i'm 35wks (in 2days) and think my baby is heading downwards. i was at the doc last week but the head was low but not engaged but the last 3/4 days when i stand or walk i have pressure/heaviness on both sides of my bump where my leg joins my body and under my bump really low and i'm runnig to the loo nonstop although sometimes i hardly need to go at all!
madridsprog Posts: 272
Baby, sounds like hes moving down I am in the same boat aswell and cant really walk anymore and if i do its very very slowly, the other thing i found aswell is that its very uncomfortable to turn in the bed or bend down, hes in position for me although I wont know if hes fully engaged till next weeks hospital visit but to be honest I feel like hes going to fall out of me now i cant imagine what its like if hes still to get into position :eek